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D&D Autos is an authorised testing station that has been operating in Ashford for over 20 years. We offer MOT testing on cars, light commercials and motorhomes - class III, IV, V and VII. We have two drive-through MOT bays and have excellent availability. We offer testing while you wait and any minor adjustments are free of charge.

The first MOT for a vehicle is required when it is 3 years old and you can renew your MOT up to one month before without affecting your annual expiry date. The MOT takes approximately 50 minutes, so can be done while you wait. We offer a free re-test within 10 working days.

Test Classes

Class IIITricycles and three wheeled cars
Class IVCars, motor-caravans, goods vehicles up to and including 3,000 kg gross weight, minibuses (with no more than twelve passenger seats
Class VPrivate buses (with more than twelve passenger seats and up to sixteen)
Class VIIGoods vehicles between 3,000kg and up to including 3,500 kg in gross weight

Please call a member of our customer services team on (01233) 504765 with any questions or to book your MOT.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the MOT test include?

The MOT looks at some important items on your vehicle, see below link to see what these are;


2. I hear there have been some changes to the MOT test. What does this entail?

The Department of Transport has added a number of new mandatory test items to the annual MOT from 1 January 2012 to comply with a revised European testing directive.

The aim of the revised directive (2009/40/EC) is to harmonise minimum test requirements across Europe and make sure the test reflects the electrical/ electronic complexity of modern car safety features.

A lot of these changes are items that are still to be implemented by the Department of Transport. However, in preparation for these changes we have already been advising these items to our customers.

For more information on these changes please contact us.

3. How long does the MOT test take?

The MOT takes approximately 50 minutes, however, this can vary. We advise our customers to allow 60 minutes, so as to allow our MOT tester and service desk to process any paperwork.

4. I've lost my MOT certificate, am I able to get a replacement?

If your vehicle was MOT'd with us, then we only need your registration number to produce a replacement certificate. In the event you had your vehicle MOT'd elsewhere, then we would need your vehicle registration and V5C document. The cost for a replactment MOT certificate is £10.

5. I have just noticed that my MOT certificate has run out, am I allowed to drive my vehicle? Does this affect my insurance?

You can drive your vehicle without a valid test certificate if you are driving

a) to or from a pre-arranged MOT test

b) to a garage to have work done on items that caused the vehicle to fail its MOT test

c) from a place of repair after such repairs have been completed

Even in the above circumstances you may still be prosecuted for driving an unroadworthy vehicle if it does not comply with various regulations affecting its construction and use. Your vehicle insurance may also be invalid.

The police can ask to see an MOT certificate for a vehicle that needs to have one. They also have access to the computerised records of MOT test results and can tell if the MOT certificate for your vehicle has expired.

The penalty for driving a vehicle on the road with an expired MOT certificate is a fixed penalty notice from the police, currently £60, or a court fine up to a maximum of £1000.

6. When can I renew my MOT?

You can renew your MOT up to one month before it expires without affecting your annual expiry date. You can find out when the earliest date to MOT your vehicle is by checking the front of the pass certificate.

7. I have just had my vehicle MOT's and have been given a white paper MOT certificate, is this correct?

From October 2011 a new style MOT Certificate was introduced.

MOT Certificates and Failure notices are no longer produced on pre-printed coloured forms, but printed directly on plain paper in black ink. The new look certificates combine the test result and advisory information onto one page wherever possible. These changes are part of the Government's ongoing drive to reduce cost and wastage.

Existing certificates will continue to remain acceptable and legal during their validity period.

The new sytle of certificates supplement the MOT database and the information may be checked and verified against the electronic record at www.direct.gov.uk/yourmotcheck.

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